Retro Candy


The stuff most of us grew up with and some we wish we knew about. 

Foreign Favorites


We are always looking for something different. So why not carry candy from Japan, Britain, and Mexico.  

Unique Drinks


As Monty Python once said " And now its time for something completely different ". Don't worry not all the drinks are strange, we also carry all of your old favorites. 

The Bulk and only the Bulk


Choose from over 80 bulk candies. Maybe something new, maybe something familiar, or something completely different. 

Artisan Delights


The most unique candies and chocolates aren't made by  large corporations. They are made by small companies and individuals who pour their passion into their products. And boy does that passion taste good. 

Gift Baskets and Party Favors


Looking for unique presents or  party favors for your little ones?  Or maybe something special for your Big-kid-at- heart?  Let us help you create something fun and memorable.